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low taxes), and Star wars fans vote for the president most likely to ban more bad star wars movies (e.g.mandate the imprisonment of George Lucas in a room with only star wars merchandise to wear, star wars food to eat, and post 1983 star wars movies to watch, and force him to write Han shot first a million times on a chalkboard).

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State and local elections often matter more for self-interest than national elections, by design.

And serious weight often goes to superficial things.

Among the many salient things I noticed after my media hiatus, the U. Presidential election stood out as the most curious drama of all.

I couldn’t stop laughing, and crying, about how, despite our solemn patriotic pride, we have no idea what we’re doing.

In our short attention span media-rich times many great voices of our past would never have even been heard.

Try closing your eyes in the next debate or interview, you might just improve your analysis of what’s being said.

A full days worth of debate might be too much for us today, but the modern presidential debate protocols, diminish the candidates role in representing themselves to the public.

Imagine how little need we’d have for pundits and commentary if our candidates were asked to represent themselves against the other in true discourse, with wise/fearless moderators, allowing us the benefit of our own judgments.

case study At HPE Discover, the enterprise IT company's premier event, presenters deploy polls to launch into their next topic, gather valuable insights from the audience, and engage 10,000 attendees in an ongoing conversation about the future of IT.

Turning off all media for 48 hours does amazing things for clarity.

Or if they will cause so much harm to the nation at large to outweigh the importance of those positions.

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