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"Their relationship came as a big surprise," said Johan T. "Daniel came from a totally different background to Victoria.

Everyone said it would never work." In the late afternoon, so the 1,100 guests in the capital's 13th century cathedral can wear evening dress, Mr Westling will wed the young woman of 32 who will one day succeed her father on Sweden's throne.

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When the clock strikes midnight in the gilded ballroom of Stockholm's Royal Palace on June 19th, a prince will lead his princess in the first waltz of the evening, as an audience of Europe's royalty looks on approvingly.

The glamorous midnight ball will be the final event of a historic day, and a moment to savour for His Royal Highness Prince Daniel - a former fitness instructor called Daniel Westling from a village in the forests of central Sweden.

And the king eventually bowed to the inevitable and relented, defeated by his daughter's insistence that Mr Westling was her true love.

Much of the credit for the happy ending is being given to the courtiers whose efforts transformed Mr Westling - the so-called "Prince's school".

Even worse there was his rural accent, the subject of cruel jokes among Victoria's blue blood friends – the so-called Stureplan brats from Stockholm's answer to Sloane Square.

Her father, the authoritarian King Carl XVI Gustav, 64, was dead set against their relationship.

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In his extraordinary courtship with Crown Princess Victoria, he has received the modern equivalent of the kiss that turns the frog into a prince - careful grooming by courtiers, language tutors and a public relations agency.

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