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The episode ends with an agent from The Network, played by Downton Abbey’s Rose Leslie, admitting responsibility for Nr Neave’s murder.

Perversely, the 27-year-old actress has even suggested the fiction is, in fact, a ‘history lesson’.

Hopefully this story will have the chance to develop and unfold at the London Irish Centre.

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Midway through the story we are shown a pitch-perfect filmed title sequence for Lucy’s sitcom.

filmed in Bradford by Neil Mc Larty, with a theme tune by Hannah Magenta, and starring Cathianne in a variety of excellent retro outfits.

To show real-life footage of my father’s death is in incredibly poor taste, real in-the-gutter stuff.

'We will do all that we can to shut this series down.

The Hollywood Police Department confirmed today that seven suspects have been arrested after a street brawl with prostitutes.

Those arrested were engaged in a no holds barred fight with a group of working ladies.I had the privilege of knowing Airey Neave, a man who showed the kind of bravery and dedication to his country that is alien to broadcasters in cynical pursuit of titillation, higher ratings and money. A man who played an important role in the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals, became an MP, survived a heart attack, was among a small band of far-sighted and self-effacing politicians who saw the remarkable talent of a grocer’s daughter from Grantham, helped her save the country and was rewarded for all this by being blown to bits in the House of Commons itself by terrorists.The Girl in the Grate is a one woman storytelling show written and performed by Cathianne Hall at the London Irish Centre as part of the Camden Fringe.In contrast to the bright and breezy style of the main section of the show, in the last part we treated to a short new story inspired by the venue we are sat in.Cathianne’s research has uncovered a former resident of the building on Camden Square was once the home of ‘Woman at Home’ magazine editor Annie Swann.After his heart attack in 1959, he gave up drinking altogether.

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