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I noticed they finally are doing some free character moves for some of the over crowded servers this week. When I finally needed it for Winterchill & Archimonde, I learned I really had a great time pvp'ing! Though when I was leveling the lock I found that dot's were even better with the lock! I just got frustrated and bored leveling alone and abandoned her. I cant fathom leveling another lock and wanting to change it, I would wind up with afflic lock, a destro lock and no death knight.

etc Hell, I was a holdout on getting a cell phone long ago because I couln't see paying for 2 phones. I think I'm going in just to farm something really quick... I've gotten to get caught up on a lot of projects I let slide. That was what I was thinking is leveling the pally healadin to get in to more instance runs to level faster.

next thing you know I get all caught up and it's been 3 hours... Demonic: I used to play quite a lot with a lock named Demonic. Though, I think soon after the xpac comes out, it's not going to be very hard to get instance runs for a while while everyone levels and looks for drops.

I will not go through that shit again, guild was constantly pissed at me running late for raids because i took a portal to shatt. Markus must have played Wo W tauren and undead, played horde or maybe im just sad.... I think ill level a palidan, Horde, so maybe ill help ya level, suppose i could heal till level 55.... It was a nelf and I was asked to heal 24/7 then someone suggested i try horde..... But i figure if i heal i could get into tons of instances...just use my lock to pay for power leveling, dualbox or somthing.... ....only thing that keeps my belf lock from fag status is he is a lock... Since a mage doesnt outdo a lock in either, Ice mage is ok for pvp unless you get a felhunter on your ass with a SL/SL lock. I've seen mages that could kick serious butt too though. Aries, you know come wotlk lock is gonna be back in action as destro pvp? I do love affliction though, love to watch people try to run away from me loaded on dots.

Oh yea, roll a lock....soloing is just about the only decent way to level, everything else falls behind.... If I reroll horde I'd probably be either an undead or belf mage. Ice is dd(direct dammage) play and lock is dot(dammage over time) play. If ya reroll horde hit me up with your server, Ill be moving off arie peak as soon as i get this laptop in my hands. All classes have their place, and all players have their style. Some stay and just give up, others run like hell as if they will get away.

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The only requirement for starting the class is to already have a level 55 anywhere in the game (doesn't matter what class or server). We're just days away from the launch of the new expansion and with the major changes in the 3.0 patches to the game everyone is logging in again. I know plenty of people who felt like they had nothing left to do until the xpac came out.

The zombies had little to do with it; the launch of a new tradeskill, achievements and the upcoming expansion did. With the latest patch, we're starting to see some of those players return slowly, while others are seeing this as a good time to start playing.

Sure it was great for those people who had been playing the game for years and were bored, and wanted something different. I wont be back in action till I order this damn comp..all good tho, Maybe ill plevel ya on me lock or level with you when i sadly but surely make a new character for a deathknight.... Some are over populated big time, Youll run 2 fps with top of the line comps. --Now that you mention it, that IS the tauren dance!! Missed all the zombie fun Demonic69: I had a character on Arie Peak for a while ( alliance ) but I transferred because of the lag. Yes arie peak had horrible lag, still does i would assume. Also considering how i tend to fvck with people on the horde side, My account woulda been banned already if i rolled allaince. I can't do it lol Fkn retpally, Your right to post has been revoked.

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