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Mariano of the 191st Tank Battalion was a brave man.

As part of the American Army's 45th Infantry Division, he had killed many Germans as he fought through Africa, Italy and southern France, before finally, in March 1945, he and his Sherman tank had crossed the Rhine into Germany.

'Many examples are too distressing to report in detail, especially the rapes carried out on children, with one victim being just three years old.

'Many such incidents were reported to parish priests.

In his journal for July 20, 1945, Michael Merxmüller, a priest near Berchtesgaden, recorded: 'Eight girls and women raped, some of them in front of their parents.''Non-frat was as dead as a Dodo from the time Montgomery closed his mouth,' said one junior officer.

'I didn't go out and chase my chaps away from the women. 'The breaching of the order was so flagrant, that one soldier recalled seeing a 'No Fraternising' sign adorned with six condoms, while another spoke fondly of how buses would be organised to collect German girls to attend parties.

Even if one were able to accept these assumptions, Dr Gebhardt then takes things to an implausible level.

Now you’d like to discuss politics with your colleagues at lunch.

Or you want to know more about German customs – what people eat for supper, for example, or the tradition of taking a walk on Sunday. Not only will you learn German or improve your German; you and other newcomers will learn about Germany and its citizens, traditions, history and much more. Integration courses consist of a language and an orientation component.

She has also spoken at conferences on Left-wing politics, and it is therefore tempting to regard Dr Gebhardt as one of many academics who is not entirely minded to view countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom in a positive light.

But, if these figures are correct, then we would not only have to alter dramatically the way we look at how the Allies overran Germany, but also need to make a radical reassessment of what we call 'our greatest generation'.

Naturally, it would be naïve to deny that the British and American armies had bad apples who carried out such atrocities.

But these figures are huge, and would suggest that rape was almost as unexceptional as it was in the Red Army.

However, a new book published in Germany makes the shocking and disturbing claim that the Americans raped a staggering 190,000 women in the decade from the invasion until West Germany became a sovereign country in 1955.

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