Wife sex dating netherlands

Similarweb.com, an online analysis tool, estimates that Second Love had over 700,000 visits between April and September 2016.

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They raised the issue in parliament but gained no support.

They petitioned the Dutch Advertising Code Committee, which has the authority to remove commercials from television, for a ban.

“Second Love is for someone who is in a relationship which ended up boring.

It is for those people looking for excitement and some extra things to live for”, said Drost.

On any ordinary dating website, this statement would raise eyebrows. Second is a portal for men and women who are married or in serious relationships, who want to have sex with other partners.

It openly promotes its role in advertisements with striking slogans like ‘Flirting is not only for singles.’ It describes itself as ‘a dating site for men and women who seek to have an exciting affair or adventure’.

The creator said Second Love’s target group is users older than 35 years, although users are welcome to join from 25 up.

Most of the users on this paid site are between 40 and 50 years old, with 60 percent of them being men.

He describes himself as a 45-year-old male, standing almost two meters tall, from Overijssel, a province in the Netherlands: ‘Hello ladies!

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