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In addition, the writing seems snappier and funnier, but I could have just been tired from being up all night with the baby;) Pure escapist fun.A guilty pleasure for those of us far past our high school days.A character is marked as "sweeps" when there is a very limited number of episodes that address their sexuality, all air during sweeps period, and the storyline is otherwise ignore/dropped.

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its really pushy and everyone likes a show that actually has you going wanting for more I love the cheesy escapism of this Canadian teen soap, in which every episode is A Very Special Episode.

Watch Manny pursue acting, Emma struggle with anorexia, Liberty and J. deal with possible parenthood, Craig make it big in music, Spinner try to redeem himself, Jimmy struggle with his identity post-parapalegia, Paige explore a different aspect of her sexuality, and Marco come out to his Dad. The stories seem a little better fleshed out this season, perhaps because of the back work done in season 4.

Show: Degrassi: The Next Generation TV: Cable / Network: Syndication Character Status: Regular Endgame: None Orientation: Lesbian Show Status: Over Introduced in: 2003-2004 / Final season: 2007-2008Appeared in seasons: 2003-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 Alex attended Community School in Toronto.

She was originally known as the show’s “bad girl” and had once been a stripper at a bar in order to make ends meet; however, as the seasons progressed, she lost her rebellious persona.

All throughout her career, she became notable for her appearances on TV series such as Degrassi: The Next Generation, Rick and Morty, and several others. During the past, she had a relationship with Drew Roy. In the year 2009, however, the two of them broke up.

Presently, she is in a relationship with Canadian musician Jesse Giddings. In the year 2010, she started going out Mike Lobel, a Canadian actor.

Prior to that, she had a recurring role on the television series Naturally, Sadie, and played Darcy Edwards on Degrassi: The Next Generation for four seasons.

Grimes played a cameo role in the horror film Scream 4. She attended Forest Hill Public School for elementary school.

She attended Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, along with her Degrassi co-star, Aubrey Graham (Drake).

She interned at Toronto's Fashion Television as part of her high school education.

Their relationship eventually ended in the year 2013.

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