Who is dating matt hardy

So it is just a whole bunch of hate mail: Reby you snitch, you're a rat.At the end of the day I just wanted Matt to get help, I called for Matt to get help, and guess what? He is getting help." Reby on the Jeff Hardy taser incident: "I have to laugh, because I guess just being in it, it was done for a project called the Hardy show, which you can find at

They later created their own wrestling promotion, OMEGA Champion Wrestling, where he competed under his ring name High Voltage.

He then shortly after sent a tape for the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Amateur Challenge using the ring name High Voltage and started competing in WCW, causing him to change his name to Surge.

Reby Sky, who is dating Matt Hardy, was interviewed by her former radio show "Busted Open" on Sirius XM radio, here are the highlights: Reby on Matt Hardy's online videos: "Before he posts every video I give him a talk, and I don't want to feel like his mother or babysitter or council, but I say Matt maybe this isn't a good idea.

I tell him what I think about it, why I think that way, and he will either take it and say "okay, maybe not" or he will put it up anyway. He's a very strong personality, and obviously that has gotten him to where he's at now, that's part of it.

Matt Hardy: Ashley and I traveled together and hung out. We spent some time together and I think each one of us made the other happy. Now its a little different because shes on RAW and Im on Smack Down and we wont see each other as much, but you never know. Shes really working hard and trying to do good in WWE as a sports-entertainer.

I think shes going to be really good because she has an awesome attitude and a great mindset.

He attended Union Pines High School in North Carolina where he was a good student being a nominee for the Morehead Award.

He then attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and majored in engineering.

He is the elder brother of Jeff Hardy, who is also a professional wrestler.

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