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Although I admit that I can't confirm anything, I believe they were one-in-the-same guitar.

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To further assist with dating Ace's guitar as a 1973, the Tobacco-burst finish on the Les Paul Deluxe guitars of the era, was produced for 6 years, between 19, inclusive.

Since there are pictures of Ace with his guitar dating back to mid-1973, it's safe to assume it was a 1973 model.

That first Les Paul was a beautiful 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in a Tobacco Sunburst finish, which Ace used almost exclusively (with a couple of other guitars), right up until September of 1976.

As with any Les Paul Deluxe of the period, this particular guitar would have originally had mini-Humbucker pickups and creme plastics.

The legend goes that Ace had auditioned for Kiss, using a late '60's or early '70's Gibson Firebird ...

although I've never come across any pictures of Ace and a Firebird, to prove that story.

The effect was very crude at first and later became highly technical.

I'll go into Ace's 'Smokers' and his solos that went with them on the 'Smokers, Shooters & Solos' page of this site.

- Gene Simmons had attended college, in upstate New York, in the '60's with Larry Di Marzio; founder of Di Marzio Pickups.

Both Larry Di Marzio and Steve Blucher (the #2 man, at Di Marzio) worked at Lo Bue guitars, in Manhattan.

But the Bronx-born Frehley admits he also tried to get Kiss’ cantankerous bassist Gene Simmons to participate, and, “I tried to get ahold of Gene without any success .

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