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However, this risk can be eliminated in any property transaction with proper diligence executed by the buyer’s attorney. You know these forms as the RESPA Good Faith Estimate, Initial Truth-in-Lending Disclosure, HUD-1, and Final Truth-in-Lending Disclosure.

By first identifying the problem, the attorney can work to shift the burden of these excess water payments to the party that accumulated them, the seller. In each of those cases, the judge rejected a mandatory minimum of employment, and said that the noncompete(s) could be enforced, assuming other factors, against employees who quit after 6 to 22 months. The information on these forms was redundant, the language often inconsistent, and consumers had trouble understanding them.

Providing a water certificate at closing is no longer sufficient to insure that the water bill is paid up through the closing date.

Although a water certificate may not “expire” until after closing (they usually do not expire until a few months after payment), the Chicago Water Department is starting to take a stand that a water certificate only certifies that the amount through the time the water meter was last read has been paid.

The last meter reading may have been months prior to closing which can lead to a situation in which a seller pays the amount due from the last meter reading which occurred months ago, obtains a water certificate that certifies the water bill is paid as of the last meter reading, and leaves a buyer with a bill for multiple months of water usage. So, back to my initial point, if you signed a noncompete less than two years ago and are looking elsewhere, neither I nor anyone else has an answer for you. The Supreme Court in Springfield needs to speak up, assuming Rauner and Madigan keep their lights on. Call me at 312-268-6795 or email me at [email protected] you want to talk about it. How long and how wide depends on each individual and his job. Beginning August 1, 2015*, creditors and settlement agents will have new disclosure forms to provide consumers, under a federal law mandating a revision of existing forms.

This additional water payment can certainly be a problem for any property purchaser, but renders purchases of multi-unit residential and non-metered properties especially risky. I could go on and on about permissible length and width, including for executives, brokers, doctors, lawyers (they’re illegal for us, so suck it) and salespeople. For those of you familiar with the current system, the existing Truth in Lending Act (“TILA”) and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”) each have required creditors and settlement agents to provide certain forms to consumers before or at closing.

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