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It became a collaborative effort a year ago when Adam Horowitz joined Mondoweiss. In 2010 James Wolcott wrote in Vanity Fair quoting Weiss in Mondoweiss regarding an Anti-Defamation League statement regarding the planned Park51 project, an Islamic Center near the World Trade Center site.

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The review said the book was "enhanced" by oral testimonies which "inject a harrowing human element to counterbalance the report's dispassionate tone".

The review called the book "An essential read for those concerned with accurate documentation of historical events and nations' accountability for their treatment of civilians living in war zones". interview Horowitz discussed Richard Goldstone's later correction of one item in his report, his saying "Civilians were not intentionally targeted [by Israel] as a matter of policy." Horowitz expressed that he views this as a minor issue and "Much larger was the issue of intentionally attacking the civilian infrastructure of Gaza, which he doesn't mention, and the idea of just disproportionate and indiscriminate violence, which he doesn't address and which affects civilians disproportionately." In March 2007, Gary Kamiya in an article for the Salon website wrote that Mondoweiss offered "informed and passionate discussions" of what Weiss states are "delicate and controversial matters surrounding American Jewish identity and Israel".

Kamiya also states that Weiss, "routinely skewers attempts by mainstream Jewish organizations and pundits to lay down the law on what is acceptable discourse".

He gave as an example Weiss exploring "off-limits" topics like dual loyalty, as in an incident regarding the American Jewish Committee.

The representative blamed accidental use of an old form letter.

The Publishers Weekly review noted that the abridged version of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict ("the Goldstone Report"), included an introduction by Naomi Klein and an "eloquent" forward by Bishop Desmond Tutu.Meeting people and gelling with them is difficult enough for me without having to expose that even in the areas we may have in common we have completely different approaches and ideas.People honestly underestimate how socially awkward I am and mistake my fear of making a mistake as shyness, particularly when I am meeting a friend of a friend and I don’t want to give them a negative impression of me.He isn’t blameless, but if one of them took the initiative to be what he needs them to be and they all stopped worrying so much about monogamy, he would quickly lose interest elsewhere if his core needs were met by one.He might dispute that, but he would, as long as it was right.Increasingly what was on my mind were "Jewish issues": the Iraq disaster and my Jewishness, Zionism, neo-conservatism, Israel, Palestine.

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