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Can anybody remind me of the arithmetical check that can be employed to validate a VAT number?

Karlsource control for SQL Server Basically the purpose is to look at historic data and highlight any invalid formats to the client, where if required they can place any necessary controls to prevent invalid VAT numbers being inputted....

Old hand, am I right in saying that the code you provided looks at the format only? To be honest, the customs and excise guide book only provided this - it didn't provide any details on what numerical logic constitutes a valid vat number.

It returns 1 if the number is valid, and 0 otherwise.

It only does the mathematical algorithm part, so you'll need to use a separate function to check the format, or add further logic at the beginning of this one.

If so, it might make more sense to carry out this logic there rather than make a roundtrip to the database server.

Then again, your implementation might well require this logic to be on the server .Alternatively, if you're not in the UK I imagine your national customs and excise (or equivalent) will have this info. Incidentally,is there any reason why you don't want to do this at the application tier?I'd imagine you're wanting to do this for an application.To validate a UK VAT number manually you can perform the following exercise: Excluding the first 2 letters, list the numbers vertically and multiply each by a value starting with 8 and ending with 2.Then add up all the sums you have and deduct 97 from the sum until the answer is negative.They vary in lenght, sometimes have checksums and so on.

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