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Papaly is a tool for saving and organizing links ("bookmarks").

Bookmarks are organized into collections called Boards. Each bookmark belongs to a category within the board. If it's private, the board can be seen by its creator, co-owners, and anyone you share the private link with.

If you are using the Papaly Chrome Extension, you can import from Chrome directly without having to upload a bookmark file.

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Select Import Bookmarks from the dropdown menu in the top-right of your home page.

You can upload an HTML bookmark file, or view instructions on how to export a bookmark file from various services.

If you are using the Papaly Chrome Browser extension, you can use the "Save Open Tabs" button to quickly save multiple pages to Papaly.

It will create a new category on your current board and save all of the pages you have open in that window.

If it's public, it can be accessed via a URL and is visible to anyone.

You can import bookmarks into Papaly from your browser or other bookmarking tools.People with the private URL will no longer be able see the board contents.You can collaborate with other people on the same board by adding them as Co-Owners.To reset your password, first select "Forgot password? On the subsequent prompt, fill in your email address and click "Send me instructions".You will receive an email with further instructions.Then you can add a bookmark to that category by clicking the " " icon next to the category title. If you install the Papaly browser extension or bookmarklet, you can press the blue " " button in your browser to save the current link to Papaly.

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