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The returned function must accept the value as the first argument, and can optionally accept the key and model as the second and third arguments.A Type representing the data type used in validation.Package validator implements value validations for structs and individual fields based on tags.

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excludesall=| you will need to use the UTF-8 hex representation 0x7C, which is replaced in the code as a pipe, so the above will become excludesall=0x7C When a field that is a nested struct is encountered, and contains this flag any validation on the nested struct will be run, but none of the nested struct fields will be validated.

This is usefull if inside of you program you know the struct will be valid, but need to verify it has been assigned.

The module supports multiple types according to the RAML spec (see RAML 0.8 named parameters with multiple types.

When multiple types are specified, it'll run the validation against the matching type.

*/ if(Member("bar") && root["bar"]Object()) Not only is the "flesh" of each block often a line or two with some 10 lines of parameter validation, this leads to countless copy-paste errors and maintainability problems (a key changes name, it must be changed in some 6 places).

How would you reshape these patterns to do what they do without all that code duplication?Why not just have cross-fields validation tags (i.e. But, if we used "eqcsfield" it could be multiple levels down.Example: type Inner struct type Outer struct now := time.dive has some sub-tags, 'keys' & 'endkeys', please see the Keys & End Keys section just below.Keys & End Keys These are to be used together directly after the dive tag and tells the validator that anything between 'keys' and 'endkeys' applies to the keys of a map and not the values; think of it like the 'dive' tag, but for map keys instead of values. For slices, maps, pointers, interfaces, channels and functions ensures the value is not nil.If you want to use your own custom data types with Validating Type, you must implement a static Parse method that takes a string as a parameter.

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