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There are numerous threads on the Windows 7 forum about this problem.I thing priority is being given to Windows 10 updates.Windows Update Service, right-click and choose Stop, but machine tells me "could not stop the service" or something like that. set to "never check for updates", I try running Windows Update manually.

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If it helps, I downloaded the Bit Torrent client around the same time I started having problems and the problem didn't go away after uninstalling the client.

The release of Windows Vista came more than five years after the introduction of its predecessor, Windows XP, the longest time span between successive releases of Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems.

A few months ago I started having trouble updating Vista, in which whenever I'd try to update it, I'd encounter the same error that everybody posts about on these forums.

Users on another forum had proved to be unhelpful and I was forced to disable automatic updates.

A moderator installed Linux on an old XP computer and it runs well.

I have Ubuntu dual booting on an old XP computer that's 13 years old and it runs fairly well.

I don't see a problem with doing it as shown in the video. I would also consider using the Vista Update Readiness Tool. As you know Vista will no longer be supported after April of 2017.

You may want to look at installing Linux on the computer.

Other advice about getting Windows Update to work is what I am interested, but I plan to restart computer again and turn the Windows Update Service back ON... I will turn the update service back ON and change settings to "Check but let me choose...". A web/internet search gave a listing: a visit to that webpage was also mentioned at that page this address: I opened Internet Explorer version 9, put in that "windowsupdate..." address.

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