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void My Class::execute SQLStatement() ; [/code] However I am trying to add a vector in the callback function to store the results.

When I put the vector in it seems I am forced to do something like this: [code] vector vec X; static int callback(void *Not Used, int argc, char **argv, char **az Col Name) vec X.push_back(argv[3]); printf("\n"); return 0; }; [/code] Now this doesn't seem object oriented ?

Nor do I understand how I would access this vector from other classes ?

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-- Regards, Igor Mironchick, Intervale © #ICQ 492-597-570 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, send email to [hidden email] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The x axis consists of the Field containers loaded into the v Record vector.

The y axis consists of the v Record vectors loaded into the v Recordset vector.

Do all updates that involve joins have to have redundant code? Updates that involve joins do not necessarily have to have redundant code. If you want the UPDATE to change all records (rows) in the database file (table or view), then there is no need for a WHERE clause, because the purpose of the WHERE clause is to specify which rows are to be updated. It may be redundant with the expression in SET, but it doesn’t have to be.

But if you only want to update some of the rows, then yes, you must include a WHERE clause in the UPDATE statement. Suppose you have a master file of vendors that includes a vendor-type code.

For example, I have a table that just contains a million rows, each with an integer in it (1, 2, 3, and so on).

I have read that UPDATE can update two tables at once using a join; is there some clever way to join both Fruits and Vegetables (or Audio and Video) to the number utility table and update them from there? When updating multiple tables, you need to join them together horizontally.

Well, how about this: join them based on their ordernums to a table that is already collated!

This is where you could use the util.numbers table.

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