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I actually don’t even know if there are any addons left, that are compatible to the most recent version of Songbird.

One more good thing about Songbird (and Nightingale as well), is that it uses an SQLite database.

No matter if using Songbird or Nightingale, one of my main problem still remained the same: The playlists are trapped somewhere inside the library with no way to export as playlist files. That’s not the whole truth, however, as there are (or ) addons like Playlist Export Tool, Export My Playlists or Folder Sync.

Thanks to the developers, by the way – those addons were really useful to me!

To prevent this, a journaled file system allocates a special area—the journal—in which it records the changes it will make ahead of time.

After a crash, recovery simply involves reading the journal from the file system and replaying changes from this journal until the file system is consistent again.

This makes it possible for an interruption (like a power failure or system crash) between writes to leave data structures in an invalid intermediate state.

If a crash occurs after step 1 and before step 2, there will be an orphaned inode and hence a storage leak.

Hopefully, it will be of use for somebody else, who was missing this functionality as much as I did 🙂 The name is a bit of an exaggeration at this point, as the tool provides only the export functionality.

However, I put some effort in designing songbird Db Tools to be as extensible as possible.

Unfortunately, with every new songbird release, all addons stopped working.

In other words: Whenever I updated, I wasn’t able to export playlists anymore.

The changes are thus said to be atomic (not divisible) in that they either succeed (succeeded originally or are replayed completely during recovery), or are not replayed at all (are skipped because they had not yet been completely written to the journal before the crash occurred).

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