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For example we recommend that you document your adherence (or otherwise) with the Myners Principles within your SIP.

We also recommend that SIPs be written in plain English and be made available to members on request.

The consultation proposes a set of simplified, higher-level principles and the development of authoritative best practice guidance and tools, which will help trustees to improve investment decision-making and governance.

This workshop is an introduction to pensions for those with little or no previous pensions knowledge, working either in a pensions role or an allied business area where pensions knowledge would be advantageous.

Our expert panel will talk through the essentials of the pensions industry.

For over forty years, the Pensions Management Institute has provided its members and wider society with information and insight, regarding pensions and employee benefits through its regular events, seminars and our member magazine.

The Government says it will launch a consultation on updating the Myners principles in response to the National Association of Pension Fund’s recommendations.

With this foundation, students then examine individual pension planning, looking at HMRC's tax regime as it applies to pension planning.

They examine the legal and tax provisions relating to pension contributions, investments and drawing pension benefits across the range of different pension arrangements - both state and private.

The Shropshire County Pension Fund’s Annual Report is seen as a key element of the Fund’s communications strategy.

The report is made available to employers and investment managers.

Subsequent legislation has evolved the requirements: In our view, there has been a huge amount of unnecessary and counterproductive legislation aimed at pension schemes.

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