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I have tested the wireless connection and have downloaded apps from Smart Hub. Netflix says that maybe my router is looking at the streaming as an internet threat that has to be blocked and told me to basically reboot the router. Anyone else have this problem and find a fix that worked? I'm running through a computer, out the video card to video distributor / selector. Kids were unhappy but they can see that show anytime they want anyway. I'm impressed with the protection Netflix is using. If your Bluray could decode the signal, it could record the show in great quality. My Bluray doesn't even have recording capabilities.

It will not, however, connect to Netflix, When I try to connect via the app or the button on the remote, I get a message saying that I am not connected to the internet instead of the code I'm supposed to get to activate the bluray. Kids tried to record a show on stand alone DVD player / recorder. I assume it is in the video like the old VHS tapes were protected. I surmise the reason Wii's can stream is that it does not have the ability to record. I just want to be able to watch Netflix through my Bluray like the Samsung and Netflix websites swear I can.

I would uninstall the Netflix app, reboot the player, and re install it. After watching most of the movie is stop for an hour and then went to restart netflix and the blu-ray said that in needed to perform an update.

Maybe even run a network cable to it just for the app install. I clicked okay and then it proceeded to delete the netflix app. I have been on the phone for 5 hours today with SAMSUNG!

They no nothing about the products, the technology, nothing.

I was with Tier one then Tier Two, then hung up on then called back disconnected again when they get frustrated and have no issues.

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They treat you like your stupid and when you try to explain ans they don't like that you might know more than them, they hang up on you or put you into a hold which never gets answered. WAKE UP SAMSUNG-- you can't afford to have crappy customer service companies (contracted or employees) working for you in this economy.

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