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Our phone hasn't stopped ringing, and emails are just pouring in.I am glad to see people are thinking about moving off of IBM i 7.1, as it is way past it's prime now. With 9 months left (Ends April 30, 2018) of support on 7.1, I think we are going to get buried in upgrade requests as the months progress. There are quite a lot of items to check for when upgrading your OS, so make sure if you plan to do it by yourself that you do extensive research.

While this was a great decision for their business, the problem was that they hadn’t keep current with their licensed programs either.

Specifically, the problem is that the version of MQ that they are running won’t work on 7.2 and they can’t upgrade to a newer release of MQ on IBM i 6.1. The only solution is to upgrade to IBM i 7.1 with the current version of MQ.

The complexity of an OS upgrade is increased by the other licensed programs that you are running, and how current you keep them.

We recently met with a prospect who is running IBM i 6.1, who wanted to upgrade to a supported release.

The fifth article is a press release announcing that i Tech Solutions will be offering Midrange Dynamics Change Management software as a cloud offering.

The sixth article lists some of the upcoming events in which i Tech Solutions will be participating.At i Tech Solutions we do OS upgrades every week, and at certain times we can be doing upgrades daily. This isn’t because IBM makes it difficult to move from one release to the next.Although, the V5R4 to 6.1 conversion was a big task, most upgrades are not as precarious as that.If you are thinking of LPAR or HMC, then think i Tech Solutions.We have the skills to help you get the most out of your IBM i.If you read our posts or newsletter, than you already know that 7.1 will be end of life on April 30, 2018.

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