Too eager dating

After that I wasn't hesitant to tell her I loved her.

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I thought I knew exactly what I wanted (still do) and sure as hell wasn't afraid to go after it!

I actually thought I was moving relatively slow, not pushing her...until we became intimate.

Or people who are out of control of their emotions.

OP- you indicate there's mutual attraction and interest. The time spent with him was a special time in my life, and I think sharing it with him made both of us better people. My best guess would be, with the economy going down the crapper. I mean of course streets)Well after hearing every one else's stories, I'm gonna go ahead and remove myself from the "too eager" group.

I have had someone propose to me after two dates and I thought he had to be joking but now that I look back he wasn't.

You can't really judge people that are "too fast" but its generally not a good or wise way to move. I think it is sad, that they miss the comfort of family life so much that they are willing to grab onto anyone to try and recapture that sense of security love that they once had. I still remember the guy who wanted me to meet his children on Day 1 - within minutes of meeting .. It's pitiful, and we should be as gentle with these people as possible, Beth Depends on what you personally consider "too fast". AND he informed me that we would both be leaving the site .. He was older than me, slightly (6 years) and he'd been divorced from his high school sweetheart at that time for nearly 15 years. He was talking of his mother's wedding bands...I freaked. He was a lovely and beautiful man, we enjoyed a healthy and nice relationship for nearly a year and a half. Because I nearly leaped out of my skin and ran the other way at his rush to the finish. I'm suspicious of grown ups who cannot contain their enthusiasm.But, as many people have pointed out to me recently, I'm not comfortable with situations that are out of control.Sometimes its like damned if you do and damned if you dont.

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