Cam2cammexico - Tfs reports not updating

Launch Team Foundation Server Administration Console, choose Application Tier, and then choose Configure Installed Features.To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Administrators security group on Windows server.So here is a list of 10 features in TFS that I get questions about regularly or that I have noticed a lot of teams don’t know about.

Working with source code is of course done best from a development IDE such as Visual Studio.

But sometimes it can be very convenient to change a file straight from the web access, and you can!

They obviously can’t use Visual Studio for committing their changes to TFS.

To associate a commit with a work item in these scenarios, you can simply enter the ID of the work item with a # in front of it as part of the commit message: Here we associate this commit with the work item with ID 4321.

Note that since Git commits are local, the association won’t actually be done until the commit has been pushed to the server.

TFS processes git commits for work item association asynchronously, so it could potentially take a short moment before the association is done.

Excel has always been a great tool for updating multiple work items in TFS.

But over the years the web access in TFS has become so much better so that most people do all their work related to work item management there.

These features have gradually been added to Visual Studio Online and is now part of TFS 2015 as well.

From the product backlog view, we can select multiple work items and the perform different operations on them, as shown below: There are a few shortcut operations for very common tasks such as moving multiple backlog items to a iteration, or assigning them to a team member.

But then you have the Edit selected work item(s) that allows us to set any fields to a new value in one operation.

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