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The Saskia Fernando Gallery is the largest art gallery in Colombo and is always hosting contemporary artist shows.

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Prageeth graduated from the University of Visual and Perfoming Arts, Colombo, in 2009.

He soon became one of the island’s strongest emerging artists.

He has been involved in the creation of two book projects, one of which focuses entirely on his artistic translation of stories told by Sri Lankans who were displaced by the war.

Chandraguptha Thenuwara studied Philosophy at the Institute of Archeology in the University of Kelaniya, Colombo.

The sex industry is largely ignored by traditional government organizations, who also turn a blind eye to the ever present issue of gender-based violence.

Bits of paint splattered like blood suggests turmoil beneath what is, on the surface, a Buddhist culture.

In the ’90s he created a series titled Kumari has a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Kelaniya, Colombo.

She completed her studies at the Dutch Art Institute in the Netherlands, where she began exploring her experimental spirit as a female contemporary artist.

From a distance, his paintings seem like a tropical image of nature.

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