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Transmitters of this type could only produce bursts of radio frequency waves that covered a wide spectrum, and were limited to unmodulated CW or code.It was not until the vacuum tube became available, that electronic oscillator circuits and audio modulation became possible.His early vision was that the device would be used as a method of additional safety for shipping interests.

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With the advent of inventor and physicist Guglielmo Marconi's successful wireless transmission of signals between distant points, the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company established itself in the worlds of business and shipping.

The company saw little activity in the very early years following Marconi's famous experiments.

De Majo, father of our museum chairman, purchased it from the Maison Blanche Department Store, which was located on Canal Street in New Orleans.

( Maison Blanche began to sell early radio apparatus in the 1920s when the store partnered with the Saenger Brothers, who owned a chain of motion picture theatres in the South, to establish WSMB, one of the first radio stations in the United States.

It is one of the rarer pieces from the museum's early wireless era collection. started in Toledo in 1908 when William B., a lawyer who had developed an interest in wireless, went into the mail order radio parts business with his brother, John J., an electrical contractor. He retired at the age of 52 and died in Marietta, GA in 1952 at the age of 71. crystal set above, this Howe Radio Receiver is also a priceless relic of the early days of Radio.

It has been in the De Majo family since the early 1920s when John R.

Although it is a later form of crystal radio, this early portable, made by the Pakette Electric Corp.

of Kearney, NE., was one of the first post WW-II crystal sets to employ fixed crystal diode detection instead of the "cat whisker" used in earlier crystal sets.

In his role as RCA chairman, Sarnoff pioneered consumer radio manufacturing, and also founded the National Broadcasting Company.

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