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When he is at his computer telling you he is ordering it , he is really making a note to himself not to stop buy your shop again lol.

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So we spent more money else where and he didn't like that so we havnt seen him in almost 2 years. I stuck with the snap-on stuff mostly in the stuff I need or use every day cause one old mechanic told me you'll always find a snap-on guy any where you go Same here , Matco the last 4 years or so has been great to us.

Each of the mechanics at our shop have a box of wore out Mac tools that we cant get replaced without mailing them in I guess? We had gary Moore and he was a over the top good tool guy.

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I always love when we have a warranty hammer and they ask "what were you doing with it", it's a hammer, we were beating the crap out of something most likely ya, my piles of broken mac hammers and deadblows is piling up at my front counter at work too, just waiting for the day a mac guy comes in.............

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