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Like any online website/application, it is never 100% safe but there are many aspects which make Skype video chat safer than most chat software.

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The stand-alone desktop software still offers features that Facebook doesn’t even try for: screen sharing, fully logged chats, support for higher resolution cameras, and, for paying Premium customers, group video chats.

More to the point, some businesses will never be quite keen on their employees staying logged into Facebook at all times, one click away from their friends’ latest takes on last night’s TV.

It is, after all, what generations of workers have done before you.

But don’t initiate a video connection out of the blue.

You then need to actually click on their name to start video chatting with them.

This means that Skype video chat is as safe as the person using it.Minutes ago, Mark Zuckerberg and Skype CEO Tony Bates took to Facebook Live to announce the rollout of the "something awesome" Zuckerberg teased last week, several new features, the timing of which was widely rumored to be a response to sexy, mysterious, invite-only Google . Only a suite of Skype-integrated features that promise to make creepy pervert stalkers even more creepy and perv-y than they are now.The countdown clock to our first "Facebook Video Sex" scandal is ticking.At best, you’ll get someone who’s dressed and groomed decently, but likely too distracted to provide the subtle interaction you’re looking for.In most cases, you’ll just reaffirm how odd people look staring at computers, and waste time waiting for someone to get settled and hooked up.I should know–I’m an occasional guest, and, at first, was a spirited believer in Good Enough. ) and my behind-the-ears Bluetooth headphones perfectly fine for plain old voice.

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