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The bank saves money, and they are using me, and I am the fool. (she rips open his shirt)They make out on the couch, and then we cut to the bedroom for a lovemaking sequence that seems to be recut from their previous lovemaking sequence, but with a different terrible R&B song. Lisa: So I’m organizing the party for Johnny’s birthday.

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Johnny: (removing sunglasses) Yeah, can I have a dozen red roses, please?

(he presents a bouquet of roses)Lisa: Thanks honey, they’re beautiful.

Denny: I also need a cup of flour and half a stick of butter. And he gave Denny his own set of keys to our place. Now if you really don’t love him, so be it, but you should tell him.

Johnny really loves Denny even though he doesn’t say it much. I told you, mom, Johnny is very caring about the people in his life. Claudette: If I were a burglar, you would be my best friend.

(they are silent while she pours wine and offers it)Mark: Thank you.

Mark: I mean the candles, the music, the sexy dress, I mean, what’s going on here? Claudette: Well, I’m glad you’re listening to your mother. Whenever you say we’ll talk about it later, we never do. Stop in for a Lapu Lapu, enjoy their delicious brunch or drop by for Happy Hour from -pm Daily.To make a reservation visit Additional sponsors include Steadfast Pomade and Tiki-Ti. Michelle places a chocolate in Mike’s mouth and then makes out with him.

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