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With a couple’s bedroom game, you know how it’s going to end.You just have to decide when you can’t take it anymore. Check out this great list of good truth or dare questions to ask a dating truth or dare.

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Use these Dirty Truth or Dare questions to spice things up and it can be a high point of starting a romantic and nasty night.

You can give sexy challenges to the other members and learn about their dirtiest minds.

When you do that, you can restrict all the heavy petting and touching between individual couples instead of involving other individuals in these dirty dares.

Don’t get too naughty right at the beginning or you’ll kill the mood. And as the questions go on and as the inhibitions start to shed, all of you will start to enjoy the games a lot more!

Truth or Dare has been around forever, but doesn't mean it's never going to get old. Have him put his money where his mouth is, and no modified push-ups dating truth or dare. Truth or Dare has been around forever, but that doesn't mean it's never going to get old.

Simple guidelines to boosting your attraction with the opposite sex. Weeping, gnashing of teeth, and wailing is encouraged. Weeping, gnashing of teeth, and wailing is encouraged.

If you picked TRUTH: Describe my in-bed personality in three words.

If you picked DARE: Find something sweet to swipe across your lips and give me a passionate kiss. If you picked TRUTH: If I were handcuffed to the bed, what would you do to me? If you picked TRUTH: If you were to create an original sex move, what would you call it? If you picked TRUTH: What's something dirty you've always been too shy to say to me in bed? If you picked TRUTH: If we could only have sex in one position for a month, what position would you pick?

If you picked DARE: Drag me to the closet for an adult round of seven minutes in heaven. If you picked DARE: Stimulate two parts of my body at once. If you picked DARE: Using your mouth, make your way from my wrist to my ear. If you picked DARE: In your most sultry voice, tell me what you loved about the last time we had sex. If you picked TRUTH: Is there something you've seen in a steamy movie that you'd like to try?

If you picked DARE: Hop in the shower with me and wash my body, making sure not to miss any hard spots. If you picked TRUTH: What mattress move of mine is your favorite?

If you picked DARE: Eat a piece of fruit in the most sensual way possible.

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