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It is not that harmonica players were a rarity in the mid-South, for Howard Seratt is merely adapting the music of Lonnie Glosson and Wayne Raney who had been firm radio favorites for many years.

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They played Florida and may have recorded for Henry Stone in Miami but his remains unconfirmed.

Ike was still contracted to the Biharis but this didn't stop him recording two singles at Sun in July and August 1953.

Recorded some 15 years after the original made the charts, the "Gospel Boogie" idea is still alive and kicking here. Sam Phillips recorded a young man just about his own age with one of the clearest and most beautiful voices Sam had ever heard.

Howard Seratt was the twelfth of seventeen children, born on March 9, 1922, and raised on a farm outside Manila, Arkansas, who had contracted polio before the age of two.

As far as other recordings, it turned out that two other songs had been recorded at Sun and issued on a custom label, St. In later years, Howard Seratt had made some more country gospel recordings in California, just for his own amusement.

From the very first harmonica notes it is clear that this is going to be no ordinary record.In later years Howard Seratt was a highly skilled watchmaker, who owned Howard's Jewelry Store in San Jacinto, California.The local newspaper had written him up as Businessman of the week in March 1971, revealing the story of a well-liked pillar of the religious and business community, without even mentioning Howard's other career in music.Without a band, he had to carry the show on his own, and doesn't miss a beat or leave much dead air.His vocal is finely shaded, and his song appears to be original.Download the presentations and materials from each of our annual learning events: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 Each issue of the award-winning AARP Livable Communities e-Newsletter contains a mix of inspiring examples, community resources and information about livability efforts from places near and far.

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