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On some of the videos, the tapping of the keyboard could be heard in the background."It was clear he was bartering with older children and parents to get them to commit sexual acts that he could watch with a webcam," said Detective Sergeant Gan Thayanithy, from Northamptonshire police. The agent clearly put the man at his ease because within 24 hours, Kenneth Stokes, now aged 69, allegedly sent through the first child abuse images. It would be months before they could track him down.

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In the bedroom, packets and empty cartons covered the beds.

Rubbish was strewn across the floor and was piled so high that it reached the window sills.

In what was believed to have been a first for the country, Lay went before a judge to say he had seen it taking place from footage retrieved from the computers – and got the warrant. There were no signs of wealth at the three one-bedroom shanty houses when the Filipino police moved in.

Five or six people shared a bed and the computers they found inside were the most expensive things there.

To secure a search warrant in the Philippines, the court needed evidence from someone who had witnessed the sexual assaults.

That left the investigation with a problem, as nobody in the Philippines had been a witness and could go before a judge.

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Inside the nondescript bungalow, police officers were met with the stale and acrid smell of urine.

Police discovered that more than £37,000 was spent by the customer network for the live abuse, more than £5,000 spent by people in Britain.

The Filipino children – aged from six to 15, identified in the inquiry – received only a tiny fraction of the money.

This is how we first realised that it was a much bigger investigation than indecent images of children."The force started to work with internet service providers to try to identify other people that Ford was in contact with, as he shared the images with paedophiles in the UK and abroad. The websites were thinly-disguised centres for paedophiles but were heavily moderated to avoid the attentions of the law.

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