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Travel breaks down barriers and prejudice." Tourism is still a "new concept" for Saudi Arabia, said Khaled Batarfi, a Jeddah based writer.

"Serving others in our tribal heritage is unacceptable, except your own guest," he wrote in the Saudi Gazette newspaper, calling for the need for professional training. When the hiking group emerged from the crater, guide Khalifa swung open the boot of his SUV to remove tents, folding chairs, firewood and platters of meat to set up camp near the rim.

Gazing at a shimmering salt pan below, a group of first-time Saudi hikers descended craggy slopes into a volcanic crater, part of a hidden trove of natural wonders being promoted to kickstart tourism.

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In recent months, authorities have built roads and markers to the site and erected picnic shelters around the rim of the crater.

"The key challenge is to make such tourism sites accessible," said Khalifa, adding that he only had one camping group at the site that weekend.

From 21 February, the miniature gondolas will run through the canals of little Venice in Bella Italia.

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"I told my friends about Al Wahbah," said Jeddah-based corporate banker Mohamed Bahroon.

"They had no clue." The little-known crater, barely a four-hour drive from the western city of Jeddah, is a remnant of volcanic activity — local folklore, however, has it as having been formed when two mountains were so passionately in love that one uprooted itself to unite with the other, leaving a bowl-shaped depression in its place.

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() The beach on the world-famous Croisette promenade is to be widened. The work is expected to be completed by the beginning of March and the beach will be open to tourists again.

Romania is developing its range of offers for tourists.

"We're not just oil traders." In an effort to change perceptions, Saudi Arabia has relaxed some of its most rigid rules — lifting a cinema ban, allowing gender-mixed sporting events and announcing that women will be allowed to drive from next June.

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