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Insertion of a proper size ET tube prevents inhalation of stomach contents into the airways and lungs during anesthesia.

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When the pet regains its swallowing reflexes, the ET tube is removed and the patient is monitored until it is fully conscious.

There are several methods by which the pet’s response to anesthesia and surgery can be monitored during the procedure.

Tranquilizers and sedatives can allow for less of the general anesthetic to be used.

pre-anesthetic sedation may calm a pet excited by unfamiliar surroundings.

Your veterinarian will select the anesthetic regime based on the health of your pet and on the type of surgical procedure to be performed.

Many anesthetic techniques involve the administration of a sedative or tranquilizer before the anesthetic agent is given.

Excited animals may require higher doses of general anesthetics and excitement may predispose to development of an irregular heart rhythm (cardiac arrhythmia).

pre-anesthetic sedation may also make recovery from anesthesia smoother.

Physical examination may reveal abnormalities of the heart or lungs that may require further evaluation such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), chest x-rays, or heart ultrasound prior to performing general anesthesia.

Many anesthetic drugs affect blood flow to major organs and are inactivated by the liver.

While the newer anesthetics are "kinder" to an animal's organ systems, even the “safest” anesthetics are extremely potent and potentially lethal.

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