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There are other older studies conducted in the USA (from 1950s to 2000) which say that there is a “drop in marital happiness” when couples have children…and the wealthier you are, the more this applies.

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And whether a couple’s marriage is affected by the presence the absence of kids would also depend on the couple’s individual preference (for children)…and this would vary not just with individuals but also different societies and cultures.

In any case the factors that go into making a marriage successful are so complex that I cannot imagine linking it to having children.

Wanting to get married and wanting to have children can be two separate issues A couple may want to get married and not have children and they can be very happy, and on the other hand there are cases of single people wanting to have children…because its motherhood or fatherhood that they crave for, not marriage.

A person looking to be married or looking to be in a committed relationship is looking for love and companionship and is ready to give it as well.

The survey does not say whether the couples would actually prefer having children.

If they were truly unhappy they would regret having the kids wouldn’t they?

I have known some cases where the wife is closer to her sister than her husband and the husband closer to his father than his wife…at times the wife closer to her son than her husband…but the marriage carries on.

However, with greater urbanisation and the break-up of the joint family this trend is changing.

If someone doesn’t want kids but still has them due to the pressure from their partner or society, then obviously the kids are going to be a cause for resentment and may substract from marital happiness. If the couple has a poor relationship and wants to keep the marriage going then kids could well be a binding factor…but every person needs emotional and physical intimacy so how long can such a marriage last?

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