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Police forces throughout England keep records in varying ways and for various crimes.

Ethnicity of offenders, for example, was not always recorded and when it was, there were inconsistencies as to how it was recorded.

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This, it seems, has not changed since the Jay Report.

Britain is not the only country to suffer this phenomenon.

By contrast in fact, media and political leaders place much emphasis on ignoring the religious identity of the men altogether, and instead have taken to labelling them “Asian”. It deliberately prevents us from forming a complete picture of the problem, and thus how to prevent it recurring.

I discovered that little has changed in this regard.

What we do know is that some police officers and public sector workers have publicly stated that this child grooming by Muslim men has been occurring for decades, and with almost complete impunity. My guess is that some justification for the fact that the ethnic identity of alleged offenders is not recorded is that many in the public sector believe it to be irrelevant.

Religion of offenders is not recorded, again I suspect because of an underlying and cultural view within the public sector that religion is irrelevant as well. What if religion has played a part in fostering attitudes to women, white women in particular, that increase the likelihood of pre-meditated, repeated, and organised gang-rape?

The first thing to report is that this figure is simply not obtainable by a member of the public, at least not if you hope to be in any way close to accurate. A similar attempt was made by the office of the Children’s Commissioner in 2012.

That investigation also concluded that an accurate figure could not be obtained.

The most significant I believe to be these: • A crippling fear of racism accusations and the racialising and politicising of policing and law enforcement • A disorganised social service with little accountability • A bloated bureaucracy which appears to believe that the solution to issues of all kind is discussion rather than action • A disregard for individual and personal responsibility and a distaste for criminal punishment – simple enforcement of rape laws was not widely viewed as the most appropriate course of action • Insular Muslim communities which regard the law of the land as none of their concern, and regard themselves as self-policing • An appalling attitude towards women, especially white women, that is extensive throughout minority communities in Britain.

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