Recommended proper etiquettes for dating

Adopt a mature stance even just for the wedding occasion. He threatens that he will not attend or show up at the wedding if the girlfriend will not be invited.

The father's girlfriend, being so vain and inconsiderate was the first to manage her hair done. In short, it was apparent his father's girlfriend and his dad are just having a fling. But the situation got complicated when Dory got to talk to her mother.

Of course, the mom and the bridesmaids fumed in anger. Telling the mom of her father's demand, the mother, of course, got really really angry. It is like asking her who she loves more, her father or her mother?

Funeral service etiquette is not about your personal belief, it is a time when friends and family come together to lay a loved one to rest.

Funeral services differ depending upon the religion and personal beliefs of the family.

Allowing the family to grieve is a natural healing process, also don't feel as though you must avoid talking about the person who had died.

Religious Belief - is it appropriate to attend if I am not of the same religious belief?

The girlfriend was almost of Albert's age and is obviously just after fun. Inviting them both will never be a problem, Dory thought.

If you are a bride's or a groom's father's girlfriend, consider your position. Dilemmas The usual dilemmas brides and grooms encounter involving their father's girlfriends and their moms will be discussed in this section. In short, the father wants to display his sexual prowess by tagging along his hot girlfriend in the wedding.

Short-term or flings If the father's girlfriend is apparently just a fling or just a short-term relationship, and if the father's divorce with the mom is not yet through, explain to the father the situation.

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