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Finding a genuine Russian woman in Internet who really wants to have serious relationships is not so much simple task because of existence of many scammers and agencies which were created for profit only.

During 7 years we have been doing our best to keep our site clean from any scammers or frauds who might have come for profit only due to our anti-scam program.

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Your wink will just be lost among tons of other winks.

Write first letter to woman, write something about you, ask her some questions about her, make some compliments – for sure this letter if it is sincere and polite will catch more her interest than a standard wink.

Since launching on Monday, "Baby-ready" has received around 50 new members per hour, just over half of whom are men.

"One man wrote to me saying he thought it was fantastic that I'd had this idea.

Also you should be realistic – some men write to the girls who are 40-50 years younger than them and after that they are surprised that nobody answers to them.

Now women do not agree to have relationships with men who are much more older than them, maximum difference in age can be 10-15 years, so you should better choose the women more close to your age – they will be more probable to answer you.

"I think much of it is due to the fact that we're always having to 'sell' ourselves," Limal said, referring to many people's reluctance to broach the subject of procreation in online forums.

"Most people just want to talk about the exciting things and they'd rather not mention that they lack something as big as family and children." There was also a misguided belief among many that they would limit their options if they brought up the topic.

This option will be easier but in this case you should be able to prove to the officials that your marriage is real one and not just the means for immigration of the woman.

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