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In this series I will look at the history and impact of some of the Christian books that have sold more than a million copies—no small feat when the average Christian books sells only a few thousand.

We will encounter books by a cast of characters ranging from Joshua Harris, Randy Alcorn and David Platt all the way to Joel Osteen, Bruce Wilkinson and William Young.

Both were single into their 30’s so had considerable experience as a single person.

Compare this to someone who at the age of 21 wrote a book about his own experience and how good of an idea it was was for him to “kiss dating goodbye” and who was homeschooled with only a GED (no college degree).

One writer complained that it also gave the single men an excuse to be passive, stick to themselves, and not find a mate.

One person thought the book had merits but the way it was implemented (including in the author’s own group of churches) was the problem.

His marriage is great but shouldn’t there be more concern about the problems and misuses his book has produced.

There still are unmarried singles with some of them being in a bad situation due to how the system was presented. Mahaney, Courtship, Covenant Life Church, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Josh Harris, Joshua Haris, Legalism, Sovereign Grace, Sovereign Grace Ministries Posted in Courtship, dating, marriage | 11 Comments » Hello Here is my first attempt at a Blog. I am patterning this after another blog I have been following which is related to the subject of this blog.BTW, it isn’t the intent of this blog to compete with the other blog.This blog is getting much more specific than the other blog.The one thing I seen in these discussions is a lot of people stepping up and saying how well the system Harris promotes worked for them. I am sure there are some out there; hearing almost silence makes me wonder just how well this approach has worked for anyone. Return to Main Page revised 2/25/08 Tags: Betrothal, C. I have been involved in a few online discussions about Joshua Harris’s book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” I have posted my concerns along with others while some people have come to Harris’s defense and defended his philosophy.

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