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(They’ve found, for example, that women are looking for men who are 80 percent nice and 20 percent “edgy,” and men want someone positive and passionate about what they do.) Oh, and that facial recognition thing?

Clients can submit photos of past boyfriends or celebrity crushes to identify a consistent facial structure.

But unlike the arbitrary, cattle-call nature of an app, Three Day Rule approaches the process as “concierge” dating — like a personal trainer for your love life.

And similiar to a personal trainer, you get what you pay for.

Although I was surprised to learn that it’s free to submit yourself to their database (meaning that you throw your hat in the ring to be matched with a client), it costs $3,500 to become the star of the show. Each of TDR’s three Bay Area matchmakers accepts up to four clients at a time, and matches each client with one or two qualified candidates a month.

In addition to the “comprehensive compatibility assessment” that allows matchmakers like Carla to learn enough about each client to write a zingy profile — and to make sure they have their head in the game — they personally meet and vet each potential candidate.

Silicon Valley is home to some of the most successful startups and companies in the world.

While there is no shortage of singles, many of them are working long hours in the tech field, making it difficult to make time for dating. Successful singles like you are incredibly selective, and aren’t going to date just “anyone.” While it’s good to be picky when it comes to your love life, it’s equally important to distinguish your relationship “wants from “needs.” Susan Trombetti works directly with you to ensure you are not falling into old relationship patterns, and then helps create a personalized dating action plan as unique as you! When you work with Susan Trombetti, you will be introduced to exclusive and elite singles you have never met right here in town.

Carla had agreed to not only analyze me as she would any potential client, but since I wasn’t technically single, she would also similarly vet my paramour to see if she’d have matched us in the dating wild. Sure, I was self-aware enough to identify key physical traits and personality characteristics that added up to my general type, but were there other, less obvious clues to my perfect match?

Her questions had me considering topics I’d rarely been forced to assess: How do I show my love? Was it possible to paint a picture of my “designer dude”?

They source candidates like any good recruiter: from the database, at Whole Foods, at networking events.

Then, after each date, they garner feedback from each party to curate increasingly more optimal matches, going as far as to offer guidance on outfits and conversation topics.

There are many reasons why finding that special someone in the San Francisco area can be difficult.

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