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Of late, the word has gotten a make-over—a glamming up, if you will—thanks in part to the female cannabis lovers who are leading the marijuana industry's growth and stepping in to reclaim and normalize the once-loaded term. When I was young, my dad was a big pothead, and he drank a lot.

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I actually walked out of a date (after paying of course) and said to myself, that’s it,” CEO Todd Mitchem told the The app takes the Tinder model one step further by actually optimizing possible matches according to consumption preferences.

This is a list of people who tagged "smoking pot" as an interest.

A Denver company has come up with a dating app that you need in your life. and designed like Tinder: users create profiles and swipe through the photos of potential dates, except this version is clearly aimed at fans of ganja.

“I hated dating on other sites and apps because as soon as the idea of my cannabis consumption came up—date over. These preferences will be taken into consideration to find an ideal fit. is only available in states that have fully legalized cannabis or have medicinal marijuana laws.

Sometimes there was the thought that maybe you weren't ladylike enough for them to be seriously interested in you.

I consider myself a feminist; I consider myself political; I like having discussions and I don't back down from a conversation. In the Bay Area, everyone smokes weed, so it wasn't really like girls were different from guys.

People are still surprised sometimes if you're a lady.

I think that's changed lately, because a lot more women are more open with it, and it can be sexy.

They were selling weed pizza and weed ice cream at the smoke shop, or whatever, so I was like, "Okay, I'll cop it." I didn't eat it yet; I'm waiting for the right night. It's something I choose to do because I enjoy it, not because I need it.

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