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as steps to glory recreational drug use = a re-classification of soft/hard distinction recycling = new ways of classifying material in waste disposal units to ensure more use is made of useful material previously considered to be waste red card = you have been cautioned (see yellow card) and you have refused to desist, you must now pay the penalty red flag = the symbol of internationalism of the Third International adopted by the Russian Revolution in 1917 and the communist party in the 1920s as their symbol; used by activists, commies, trots to signify commitment to internationalism red star = the symbol of internationalism of the Russian Revolution; used by activists, commies, trots to signify commitment to internationalism reds = activists; unionists; commies; Stalinists; trots reference = a letter or a questionnaire (confidential letter, confidential questionnaire and to whom it may concern) written/completed by someone who has sufficient knowledge of the applicant to vouch for or deny his/her suitability for the position Reflexology = therapy using interaction with the feet, and/or hands and ears to soothe, calm, balance and boost the entire body refugee = a group entering Australia displaced in their own country and looking for protection support and residence, highly politicised by current laws and regulations Reiki = using spiritual practice to treat physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disease retro = looking back to the past right to die = political campaign focussing on passive euthanasia (turning off the machines keeping the body alive unnaturally) right to life = anti-abortion political campaign given a religious undertone; see pro-life right wing = conservative RNA = ribonucleic acid; genetic code rpm = revolutions per minute RSI = repetitive stress injury rubber bullet = see plastic bullet S&M = sadism and masochism safe sex = campaign for sex using controls focussed on improving safety from HIV/AIDS serial monogamy = a series of monogamous relationships; moving continuously from one to another sexual-discrimination = widespread and established societal norms causing actions against sexual grouping sexual discrimination = discrimination based purely upon one's gender or sexual orientation; sexism sexual harassment = sexual behaviour towards another which is deliberate, uninvited, unwelcome and usually repeated, such as unsolicited act of physical intimacy; unsolicited demand or request for sexual favour; remark with sexual connotations; or any other unwelcome act of a sexual nature sexual orientation = gender identity sexism = sexual discrimination shit = see cannabis SIDS = sudden infant death syndrome (cot-death) silver (album, single) = not calculated in Australia; see diamond, gold, platinum silver (DVD) = not calculated in Australia; see diamond, gold, platinum silver (music video) = not calculated in Australia; see diamond, gold, platinum silver wedding anniversary = 25 years sit-com = television program; situation comedy (with piped laughter) sit-in = political demonstration based on occupation by demonstrators of official premises sketchlog = see slog skin flick = pornographic film with focus on nakedness skinny dip = group naked swimming event slag-off = vilify slog = sketchlog; newsletter or diary on the Internet that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption based on continual updates of drawings, sketches and other artistic endeavour, often with social or political impact, etc.

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See also blog = web log; web diary; online journal or newsletter; newsletter or diary on the Internet that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption; often includes philosophical reflection, social or political opinion, etc. , gold (album, single) = sold 35,000 (ARIA); see diamond, silver, platinum gold (DVD) = not calculated in Australia; see diamond, silver, platinum gold (music video (includes music DVDs)) = sold 7,700 (ARIA); see diamond, silver, platinum gold card = credit card for the rich middle class golden wedding anniversary = 50 years go with the flow!

See also blogger = one who maintains a blog; one who blogs bona fide = in good faith, honestly, at fair market value, without deceit or fraud body bag = battlefield corpse bong = for smoking dope; see cannabis born again = radical Christian movements bottom = one who seeks or adopts a submissive role in sexual activity; See top box, the = TV brain dead = body is still alive but no longer human because the brain is incapable of reason; can be an induced state for medical treatment or could be the end of human life brain drain = the best (skilled labour and educational elite) leave Australia to work overseas; see also maternal brain drain BSE = Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (mad cow disease) bulletin board = a virtual space created by an Internet service provider for the posting of messages and information by virtual members (usually members of a special interest group) who are encouraged to post and read and reply to messages that relate to other virtual visitors who frequent that specific bulletin board; communication but not in real time; for real time see chat room buprenorphine = Subutex, a treatment for severe pain, heroin dependence, reducing the need for methadone byte = series of 8 bits cannabis = a vegetable containing the drug THC; sold as marijuana (resin), hashish (concentrated resin), kief (powder), charas (hand-made hashish), bhang (leaves ground into a drink), hash oil (distilled THC), budder (processed hash oil), pipe resin (collected and re-smoked), shake or leaf, acapulco gold, acapulco red, lebanese gold, afghani black, af, black pak, turkish pollen, mexican green, durban poison, congo bush, also called shit, grass, pot, hash, weed, reefer, dope, herb, mull, buddha, ganja, joint, stick, buckets, cones, skunk, hydro, yarndi, smoke, hooch carbon trading = a market for the sale of rights to pollute caveat = an attachment legal document warning of an interest that must be taken into account such as an agreement by a third person because of an encumbrance before a legal step can be taken care order = a direction by the Family Court regarding responsibility for the care of the child CD = Compact Disk (read only) CD-R = Compact Disk - Record (write once) CD-RW = Compact Disk - Read-Write (rewritable) chat room = a virtual space created by an Internet website supplier, where virtual people created by the user (or visitor or surfer) meet to talk to each other in real time Chi kong = Chi kung Chi kung = Chinese energy exercises where breathing and body movement recharge energy child abuse = physical harm by those in charge of a child, parents, guardians, friend/family, teachers, child-minders chill-out = pleasurable relaxation civil rights = what started out as a way of identifying how black Americans were treated differently under the law because of their race, has entered into language as a way of expressing universal human rights in civil society climate change = see global warming and greenhouse gas emissions cocaine = stimulant drug; C, coke, flake, nose candy, snow, dust, white, white lady, toot, crack, rock, freebase codeine = depressant drug codicil = an attachment legal document attached to the Last Will & Testament that changes some wording or meaning or impact of the Will; not recommended, make a new Will if you can come out = declare publicly personal homosexuality or a lasting homosexual relationship; See in the closet; See down low commie; commy = communist; Stalinist commie bastard = leftie; leftist; left-winger (a term of abuse from the anti-communist days of the Menzies era) coming out = reveal homosexuality or other hidden LGBTQI profiles communist = an activist who promotes a communist society as a way of human freedom and progress communist society = a society that promotes common ownership through a state that owns all the means of production and that is run by a parliament voted in by workers who control the means of production and distribution and vote their political representatives in at their workplace and can sack them at any time; an internationalist movement computer dating = find a partner on the Internet conscientious consumerism = campaign for consumers to limit their purchases based on ethical concerns such as problems with pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals, hormones, genetically engineered products and the effects of products on greenhouse gas emissions and global warming consent order = a direction by the Court based on the consent of both parties that is legally enforceable conservationist = committed to change for the proper use of limited resources conservative = oppose all change to preserve the power and prestige and benefit of the status quo consumerism = personal values are dominated by the importance of shopping and the act of purchase cookie = a small text file which holds brief information about you when you enter a website, enabling the website to recognise you when you next visit the site cot death = unexplained death of a newly born child; see SIDS counter culture = living in a commune separated from normal society crack = see cocaine creation science = non-scientific but purporting to be scientific to promote the concept of theism in a modern world dominated by science; re-writing science to accept some parts of science and reject others to make it compliant with Christianity; part of a born-again movement creditor = a person to whom I owe money cross-dress = wear clothes of the opposite gender crystal methamphetamine = ice, shabu, crystal meth, glass curriculum vitae = a description of the background, skills and experience of an applicant being considered at the moment of recruitment, prepared by the applicant according to established general principles agreed across the profession. = accept change; adapt GPS = Global Positioning System green = politically active on the environment greenhouse gas = water vapour (H), perfluorinated carbons (PFCs), and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) greenhouse gas emissions = regular emission of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere from motor vehicles and industrial production that absorbs and re-emits infrared radiation from the sun, warming the earth's surface and contributing to climate change greenie = well known to be dedicated, adamant or fanatical on the environment gross!

Over the 4-month period, over half ordered condoms (63.6%, 77/121) and HIV test kits (52.8%, 64/121) on the app.

Eight of 86 (9%) Pr EP-eligible MSM started Pr EP during the 4-month period; of those, 6 of the 8 reported that the app influenced their decision to start Pr EP. A theory-based mobile phone app was acceptable to MSM and was rated as having above-average usability.

Lymphogranuloma venereum in Quebec: Re-emergence among men who have sex with men. Objectives: To describe the incidence of LGV in Quebec and the characteristics of the affected population, including demographics and risk factors, clinical manifestations, laboratory tests, treatments and reinfection rates.

This LGV is associated with significant morbidity and increased risk of HIV transmission.

Usability was assessed using the system usability scale (SUS).

A total of 121 MSM were enrolled (59.5%, 72/121 from Atlanta; 40.5%, 49/121 from Seattle). Nearly half (48.8%, 59/121) were nonwhite, and most (85.9%, 104/121) were gay-identified.

The words curriculum vitae is an old fashioned name for a resume, still used in Australia, but more likely in more traditional professional positions such as medicine, law, accountancy and academia; those areas of the economy that still have strong links with Australia's British past cybercaf = Internet cafe d B = Decibel de facto = a marriage established by 'fact', not by ceremony or certificate debtor = a person that owes me money deed = an agreement or a declaration that is signed in a particular way and, because of this is, treated in a special way by the courts deforestation = land clearing; elimination of bush/forest for agriculture delta-9 = tetrahydrocannadibal demo = political demonstration or staged political event to put pressure on the government to change policy deponent = the swearer of an affidavit depressant drug = downer; see gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), alcohol, benzodiazepine, inhalant, opioid, opium, morphine, codeine, pethidine, oxycodone, buprenorphine and methadone destitute = without assets destitute funeral = funeral arranged by the state for a person who died without assets devise = to separate and dispose of real estate property in a Last Will & Testament diamond (album, single) = not calculated in Australia; see gold, silver, platinum diamond (DVD) = not calculated in Australia; see gold, silver, platinum diamond (music video) = not calculated in Australia; see gold, silver, platinum diamond wedding anniversary = 75 years DINK = double income no kids disability-discrimination = widespread and established societal norms causing actions against disabled disbursement = money paid out of the available cash for claimable charges and proper expenses incurred disclaimer = a warning that I will not accept a particular responsibility that may be usually associated with this discharge = to get rid of an obligation, responsibility, liability, or debt (usually by performing or paying it) discriminate = act against (or for) discrimination = widespread and established societal norms causing actions against (or for) members of (or perceived to be members of) specific societal groupings; See age, AIDS, disability, HIV, race, racial, sexual, trans discrimination = see age-discrimination discrimination = see AIDS-discrimination discrimination = see disability-discrimination discrimination = see HIV-discrimination discrimination = see race-discrimination discrimination = see racial-discrimination discrimination = see sexual-discrimination discrimination = see trans-discrimination discussion group = special interest group who pass information on their special interest usually on the Internet using bulletin boards or chat room DNA = deoxyribonucleic acid; genetic information DMT = dimethyltrytamine; synthetic hallucinogenic drug similar to LSD doggy-bag = take home remains of a meal eaten at a restaurant Dolby = noise reduction system down low = in the closet; see come out downer = depressant drug; see gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), alcohol, benzodiazepine, inhalant, opioid, opium, morphine, codeine, pethidine, oxycodone, buprenorphine and methadone download = transferring a file between two computers using the Internet drag-king = theatrical promotion of oneself as a man drag-queen = theatrical promotion of oneself as a woman dreadlocks = distinctive hairstyle made popular by the Rastafarian movement drive-by = shooting from a moving vehicle; imported from the US DSD = Direct Stream Digital DSP = Digital Signal Processing DTS = Digital Theatre System duress = some pressure or coercion brought to bear on one person by another to perform some act or favour duty of care = legal obligation (usually as a result of accepting a job, a particular undertaking, a responsibility or a title or position in which risks are known and/or implied) to understand the risks to others and to do everything that can be reasonably expected to avoid those risks DVD = Digital Video Disk; also known as digital versatile disk DVD = Digital Video Disk (read only) DVD-R, R = Digital Video Disk - Record (write once) DVD-RW, RW, RAM = Digital Video Disk - Read-Write (rewritable) dyke = masculine appearing lesbian; usually a put-down; see fag ecstasy = similar to MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine), amphetamines, and (in high doses) hallucinogens; E, XTC, eccy, the love drug email = e-mail; electronic messaging service using the Internet emissions trading = a market for the sale of rights to pollute in the form of greenhouse gas emissions encumbrance = a weight around my neck; a responsibility that needs to be satisfied in the future; a liability; a charge endorse = to make clear your support or agreement by signing and writing your name on a document environmentalist = activist on green issues equal opportunity = positive action to overcome discrimination ESP = extra-sensory perception establishment = well established as the rightful owner of money, property, power, privilege and prestige estate = assets that belonged to the deceased at the moment of death euthanasia = an act performed (or not performed) for the purpose of deliberately ending a person's life; specifically a generous act to limit suffering and pain, therefore not an act of murder or manslaughter euthanasia (active) = deliberately ending a person's life by an act of euthanasia euthanasia (passive) = deliberately ending a person's life by withholding or withdrawing or ending medical treatment ex gratia = gratuity ex gratia payment = a payment made for which there is no reciprocal obligation ex nuptial = outside of the marriage ex nuptial child = child born outside of the marriage ex parte = one party is not present executor = the person given the role and responsibility of performing the duties given him/her by the testator/testatrix in a Last Will & Testament and making sure that the wishes of the testator/testatrix are respected and satisfied to the greatest extent possible executrix = an executor who is a woman; old-fashioned: a woman can be called an executor these days extra-terrestrial = (life) outside of the earth fag = feminine appearing homosexual (usually a put-down); see dyke fag-hag = woman preferring the company of fags (usually a put-down) fast-food = usually take-away; commercial sale of food pre-prepared and ready to eat at the point of sale; junk food fatwa = edict under Muslim (sharia) law Feng shui = ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment fiduciary = others' interests, not my own firewall = software and systems to secure an internal network from unauthorised external access and Internet hackers flicks, the = film at cinema foreclose = to take up a clause in the contract which allows the lender to take possession and force the sale early because of a failure of the owner/borrower to meet his/her obligations under contract G spot = that section of a woman's body that can be stimulated for greatest pleasure G string = underwear pants without a rear panel, replaced with a narrow band between the buttocks gay = homosexual gay bar = a drinking establishment that caters for gays and lesbians gay liberation = political movement to eliminate discrimination of gays and lesbians and to improve the social standing and position of the homosexual gay rights = political movement to improve the treatment and place of homosexuals in society gay pride = campaign to raise general awareness of homosexuality and improve its acceptance GB = gigabyte = 1024 MB gender identity = a campaign to promote acceptance of different forms of gender and acceptance of different ways of identifying oneself in relation to gender gender-bender = transvestite, transsexual generation gap = differences experienced between and given expression by grand-parent/parent/child generations because of societal transformations genetic engineering = alteration of genetic information in DNA to produce desirable new traits in an organism or eliminate undesirable ones genetic fingerprint = patterning of genetic information in DNA so that it can be compared one organism to another gentrification = an old cheap working class suburb is taken over by the new rich middle class and turned into an expensive suburb GHB = gamma hydroxybutyrate; a depressant drug; Fantasy, grievous bodily harm (GBH), liquid ecstasy, liquid E, liquid X, salty water, Georgia Home Boy, soap, scoop, organic Quaalude, cherry meth, blue nitro gift = personal property (real estate property, money or other item of value) given by one person to another who is not providing, and is not required to provide, anything in return gift = personal property (other than real estate property or money) left to a beneficiary in a Last Will & Testament gig = used to be musicians referring amongst themselves to a musical job but now used widely by anyone referring to any musical event or concert global village = globalisation global warming = changes in global climate patterns; continuous increase in average daily temperature over time across the world leading to disastrous consequences; it is happening and time frames are becoming shorter and shorter; dynamic generalised disaster in progress globalisation = increasing tendency for trade to include products from outside the national border; increasing international trade; commercial and industrial decision-making increasingly likely to include impact on more than one nation state; as production increases in size and use of resources it is more likely to impact on the whole of humanity not just the nation of origin glossary = a list of words that have special meaning because of their context of use and an explanation of the special definitions assigned to them glue sniffing = use of inhalant drugs gob-smacked = shocked or appalled go for it = (new way of saying) have a go! = utterly disgusting; overwhelming; unacceptable groupie = a woman who travels with the musical show on tour to have sex with the rich and famous group sex = traditional orgy as has happened over the millennia: much sex in a large collective domain and sex with many partners; seen in the sixties as liberation, now just sex; sexually transmitted disease and AIDS have added a sense of realism group therapy = psychological treatment of patients in groups hacker = an Internet user whose main object is the gaining of unauthorised access to secure internal networks hag = ugly old woman (see fag-hag) hajj = annual pilgrimage to Mecca hallucinogen = see LSD hang in there! humungous = gigantic ice = powerful, synthetic stimulant drug; crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride (an amphetamine); meth, d-meth, crystal, crystal meth, shabu, batu, tina, glass identity = conscious identification of oneself as a member of a social group(ing) suffering from inequality, injustice, racial vilification, or other forms of human rights violations, including victims of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity identity politics = organising political (a) group(ing) based on identity and political actions by members of these political groups and their followers, to fight inequality, injustice, racial vilification, or other forms of human rights violations, including genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in = in fashion in common = see tenancy in common in the closet = hide homosexuality or sexual preferences; see down low; see come out in-joke = joke only understood within the group industrial action = strike inhalant = depressant; including organic solvents such as glue, aerosol, paints, industrial solvents, lacquer thinners, gasoline or petrol, and cleaning fluids) and the aliphatic nitrites such as amyl nitrite; glue, gas, sniff, huff, chroming, poppers instant replay = televised sporting activity now available for internationalism = promoting identification between ordinary people in all countries of the world and promoting not placing my nation above any other; promoting co-operation, human freedom, equality and justice for all; see nationalism Internet cafe = an Australian form of the cybercafe; a cafe or bar giving customers access to the Internet while having a cup of coffee or snack, charging per hour of machine time intestate = without a current, legally valid Last Will and Testament Intifada = Palestinian people's power movement IP = Intellectual Property = legally recognised rights to copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets etc. knock it off = steal it land clearing = deforestation; elimination of bush/forest for agriculture leather= BDSM leather= dress as if you are into BDSM left wing = progressive leftie = see reds LGBTQ = lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer LGBTQI = lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexed liability = obligation to pay liberate = (since ownership is theft) steal for the good of humanity liberation = movement for freedom and equality of oppressed or underprivileged or discriminated liberation theology = movement within the church for freedom and equality of oppressed or underprivileged or discriminated backed by political/philosophical text and against rulings and wishes of the pope and the church hierarchy life-support = technology without which the patient's life would terminate life style = choices made with a conscious reference to a concept or expectation of a better life to result from the choice made LSD = hallucinogen; psychedelic drug; magic mushrooms, mescaline, PCP (phencyclidine), cannabis (in high quantities), ecstasy mad cow disease = Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) marijuana = see cannabis maternal brain drain = important skilled labour leaves work for childbirth, at costs of loss of skills and continuity and costs of temporary replacement, recognised more today because of labour shortages; see also brain drain MB = megabyte = 1024KB MCP = male chauvinist pig MDMA = methylenedioxymethamphetamine mega-pixel = one million pixels methadone = synthetically manufactured upload used as a substitute for the treatment of people dependent on heroin and other opioids methamphetamine = See ice (crystal); See speed (powder) methedrine = see speed methaqualome = see LSD mexican wave = large crowd synchronised movement (at the football or cricket when the crowd gets bored) mid life crisis = coming to terms with lost youth and mortality militant = to engage in political activities in a highly-organised, quasi-militant manner minimalism = art movement in the 1960s; also applied to particular form of architectural utilitarianism mini-series = TV series of 3 or four episodes mlog = musiclog; newsletter or diary on the Internet that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption based on continual updates of music recordings, often with social or political impact, etc mlogger = one who maintains a mlog; one who mlogs morphine = depressant drug movement = planned informal political campaign seeking a wider constituency MP-3 = digital audio file multicultural = formal involvement of government at all levels in projects to acknowledge cultural difference and accommodate to the interests of national minority groups musiclog = see mlog nation = self-rule national socialism = the term used by Hitler as another word for nazism or fascism, to attract workers' support in the 1930s; only used today by the nazi ultra-right nationalism = promoting national identification and promoting a member of society placing their nation state above all others; promoting Australia as a better place than all other nation states; see internationalism near-death experience = see out of body NIMBY = not in my back yard nine to five = basic or normal work hours niqab = a form of hijab that covers the face nuptial = related to the marriage oath = a declaration that the statement is true, usually defined by a State law such as the Oaths Act, has religious connotations as it represents a swearing on the bible or other religious text, see also affirmation oath = a promise to tell the truth sworn on the bible or other religious text, see also affirmation occupation = political tactic; see sit-in off shore = taking ownership to another country for legal or taxation benefit one-hit wonder = momentarily popular but won't last one-night stand = casual sex but no relationship planned one-off = unusual event; repeat not expected opioid = depressant; includes opiumopium, morphine, codeine, pethidine, oxycodone, buprenorphine and methadone order = a direction by the court that a directive or an action will be undertaken/carried out/followed (or else); see decree, care order, consent order, parenting order, specific issue order organ = separate body part that can viewed as operating separately to other parts organ donor = see transplant organ recipient = see transplant organ transplant = see transplant out of body experience = experience claimed by a large number who have been at near-death and have recovered oxycodone = depressant drug ozone shield = layer of ozone in the atmosphere acting as a shield has largely disappeared in much of Australia due to atmospheric pollutants across the world, leaving Australians more exposed to the effects of the sun and radiation page three = soft core porn in newspapers and magazines parenting order = a direction by the Family Court that a parent will act in a particular manner in relation to their child (or else) passive smoking = an important form of intake of tobacco drug, now known to be dangerous and the reason for public bans being introduced by States in Australia peter principle = in a large organisation a person is promoted over time to one level higher than his/her actual level of competence pethidine = depressant drug phobia = unwarranted fear phlog = photolog; newsletter or diary on the Internet that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption based on continual updates of photographs, often with social or political impact, etc.

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