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At least 21 trans Americans were murdered in 2015, according to the Human Rights Campaign, up 62% from the year before. Pregnancies like Evan's—and the many that are likely to follow—will stretch our cultural perceptions of gender norms even further. That's partly why, when Evan texted me to say, "I'm pregnant! I thought about what strangers might say to my bearded, big-bellied little brother when he was nine months along. Once, when Evan was in college at Oberlin and I was in grad school at the University of California, Berkeley, he flew across the country to visit me.And that was before the mass murder in June at an Orlando nightclub, the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in U. Americans are just starting to open up to the idea that you may be born into a female body, but believe that you are really a man. When he got off the plane, we were both wearing the same thing: puffy down vests over long-sleeved ultimate-frisbee T-shirts and baseball caps worn backward.For You Tube star Gigi Gorgeous, coming out wasn't a single revelation — it was a journey that took her years to get right.

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I watched the hair grow thick over his knuckles, which were my knuckles. They were in a protracted divorce after my father had, at 50, come out as gay.

I felt sad that, feature by feature, I was losing my doppelgänger. Katje and I dated women, and I would kid Evan that being gay wasn't rebellious enough in our family; he had to do us one better and change gender. They were a crass way to cover the pain of knowing that the childhood we all shared--the one in which we were three round-faced, pigtailed girls in matching dresses--had been a charade for my brother. That first year Evan looked strange to me, like a butch lady or a girly man.

Her maternal grandfather, Sir John Paul Getty, was also widely covered in the news during his lifetime.

In 1973, his eldest son John Paul Getty III was famously kidnapped, and his ear was delivered to a newspaper to encourage ransom to be paid.

He called his partner, and her gasp was loud enough that Evan held the phone away from his ear momentarily.

He pulled up a calculator to figure out his due date.

Nats also has several other famous relatives: Her uncle is Getty Images founder Mark Getty, and her cousin is Brothers and Sisters actor Balthazar Getty.

In 2016, Forbes estimated that the entire family fortune was worth 2 billion, billion less than in 2015.

But what if you are born into a female body, know you are a man and still want to participate in the traditionally exclusive rite of womanhood? By then, my brother had already come out to himself and friends as trans, but he didn't tell me until 2003, when he started taking hormones.

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