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At the time Bianchi was working at Stevenson’s toy store in Southampton, a shop frequented by Brinkley and her husband.

“He’s the best dad,” says store manager Susan Watson.

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A three-time divorcée (see sidebar), Brinkley once said that in Cook she had finally found her “Prince Charming” and recently told of their family life: “Peter is our rock … (Brinkley’s other daughter, Alexa Ray, 20, with ex-husband Billy Joel, is a rock musician playing gigs in the New York City area.) On July 11 Brinkley’s publicist announced the couple had separated.

[he’s] the calm in the middle of our storm.” But after verifying Platt’s identity at the station where he worked, Brinkley, 52, say sources, took Jack and daughter Sailor, 8, to L. “She has been extremely concerned about the impact of this situation on her children and felt it was very important to protect them and take them away for a little bit,” says one of Brinkley’s close friends.

One friend says that Cook had long chafed at being known as “Mr. That became his identity—being her husband.” Adds another source close to the couple: “He was given a very difficult role of having to play second fiddle to her. He was definitely at her beck and call.” With Bianchi, the roles were reversed.

An aspiring singer who in 2003 won a talent contest at Amagansett’s famed music venue Stephen’s Talkhouse, Bianchi met Cook during the summer of 2004, when she was 17.

Even after Platt, Bianchi’s stepfather, went to Cook and asked him to break off the affair, he refused—which is why Platt decided to go to Brinkley herself.

Says Tacopina: “What Cook did is prey on an 18-year-old girl.But now that news of the affair is out, “everyone is just horrified,” says a longtime friend of the couple’s.Why would Cook, 47, a successful architect who has built luxury homes for heiress Anne Hearst, entertainment lawyer Alan Grubman and other members of the Hamptons elite, risk having a fling with a teenager?As the couple were about to leave the auditorium, they were confronted by Southampton Village police officer Brian Platt, who—as her husband stood next to her—delivered some shocking news to the supermodel: Cook, Platt claimed, had been having a yearlong affair with his stepdaughter, 19-year-old Diana Bianchi, who had worked as Cook’s personal assistant.The encounter left Brinkley stunned about the state of her nearly decade-long marriage.“They looked celebrity-like, very well put together but also like a family,” says principal Nicholas Dyno.

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