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For years, researchers have been using their understanding of the rates of genetic mutations in cells to help date ancient biological samples, and in what's called "phylogenetic comparison," used that information along with fossil evidence to determine the dates of fossils and the history of evolution.

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“You could say I am a little young to be thinking about a mate at 1 year old, but I am keen to belong to the park’s Humboldt penguin breeding program the soonest I can be ready,” reads the profile.

“Unfortunately, our cousins are having a tough time out there in the world – there is probably only 10 000 pairs of us left in the wild!

Grape, who died at the age of 21, made headlines worldwide when he fell in love with a cardboard cutout of a Japanese anime character.

After being dumped by his former mate Midori, Grape fell for a newly placed cutout of anime character Hululu from the show Kemono Friends.

They were fairly easy to use and apply but also too indirect, and inaccurate as a result." This conclusion, researchers said, was forced by the study of many penguin bones that were well preserved by sub-freezing temperatures in Antarctica.

These penguins live in massive rookeries, have inhabited the same areas for thousands of years, and it was comparatively simple to identify bones of different ages just by digging deeper in areas where they died and their bones piled up.

It would be “nice” for Spruce not to spend his time alone or with his keepers.

The park nurses the hope that the dating profile would draw attention from other facilities like theirs and they would be willing to send Spruce a potential mate.

Researchers also determined that different types of DNA sequences changed at different rates.

Aside from raising doubts about the accuracy of many specimens dated with conventional approaches, the study may give researchers tools to improve their future dating estimates, Denver said.

Collaborators on the research included scientists from OSU, Griffith University in Australia, the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Massey University in New Zealand, University of North Carolina in Wilmington, the Scripps Research Institute, and Universita' di Pisa in Italy.

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