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After the arrest of members in April 1796, Mycielski destroyed the papers; then he played a major role in the creation of a new secret organization - instructions were sent from Paris; a proclamation of General Franciszek Rymkiewicz was calling for the unification of patriotic efforts.

The Society was preparing in 1797-1799 an armed uprising in the country based on France; Erazm Mycielski visited the Great Poland, Kujawy, Leczyca, and Sieradz to expand the network of secret relationships, and organized an interviews.

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1738 - Laszczyn, died in 1799 - Pawlowice, the owner of PAWLOWICE, m.

in 1771, Mierzyszyn, to Konstancja Hutten-Czapska, 1749-1813; with daughter Css Katarzyna Mielzynska 1775-1817, m.

Anna Konstantynowicz nee ARMAND - she come from Maria Paszkowska, the daughter of General Franciszek Paszkowski. in 1733-1738 the Saxon Electorate prime minister, Count and Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, chamberlain of Augustus III, 1734 Saxon Infantry Major General, grew up at the royal court, was the closest adviser the King and Elector Augustus III.

Anna was the best friend of Inessa Armand, the lover of Lenin]. 1769 in Kamieniec Podolski, died 1800 Kalisz, Colonel in 1794, son of Aleksander Mycielski General; 1775 served the Regiment of Poninski. Prince Alexander Joseph died in Leszno in 1762, had a four sons from his first marriage.

Mycielski Erazm alias ERASMUS (1769-1800) - after the fall of the uprising in 1794, Erazm found support in his father's Wyszki estate close to Pleszew, and in neighboring Magnuszewice / Magnuszowice, close to the sister Ludwika Mycielski married to Idzi Moskorzewski.

Erazm Mycielski did not abandon underground work [the winter 1794/1795] and already in the early spring of 1795 he managed the Greater Poland organization, which developed among others relationship in Kalisz [see the Kiedrzynskis].In 1775 in the Koninko estate, divided a land, after the death in 1774 of Gorecki; witnesses: General Jan Zakrzewski and Teresa Gorecki - the spouses; Teresa was widowed after 1st husband General Jzef Gorecki; General Jan Zakrzewski and Teresa Gorecki Zakrzewska were the heirs of the deceased already Wojciech Dzierzbinski. Petersburg co-operated with DRZEWIECKI - his family.Les Freres Anglais et Franais Runis was founded in 1807 in Poznan, subsidiaries of the French Grand Orient, and consisted of numerous military and civilian dignitaries and prominent citizens; the champion for a long time was general Wincenty Axamitowski. Duflon and Konstantynowicz Company financed Lenin's activities through a wife of Apollon Konstantynowicz, ie.born in Łaszczyn - Cielądz [close to RAWA MAZOWIECKA]; d. Married in 1771 in Mierzeszyn (Meisterswalde) close to Trąbki Wielkie, the Gdańsk Pomeranie, to Konstancja Czapska, 1749-1813. This Emperor has children from two marriages and children with two different women: with a princess Lubomirska ca 1867 and with above Olga, countess Kalinovsky / Olga nee Kalinowska was son Michael-Bogdan or Bogdan / Bohdan, prince Oginski born 10. 1848 or 1849 who married to Gabrielle-Marie, countess Potulicka / Maria Potulicki Jozef Mycielski was the deputy of the Starodub county to Parliament in 1754, of Kalisz in 1761.Her daughter: She was lover of Alexander II, tsar of Russia who was born in Moscow on 29. On May 7, 1764, in Poznan, he signed a manifesto recognizing the presence of Russian troops as illegal during king's election.Kazimierz Walewski was son of Stanislaw Walewski and Katarzyna Lanckoronska.

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