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Sam and I, lost in the whirlwind of confirmations and packing, had completely forgotten to pack any dinner for the train, but no matter.

As long as you are friendly (and a huge bonus if you’re friendly in Hindi), you are almost guaranteed access to the massive amounts of food that Indian families bring on trains to share around. We arrived on the morning of the wedding, which in America would mean that we had several hours until anything actually would happen, but it was not so in America.

(Seriously, though, people on the internet will threaten horrible maiming over the smallest things – why have I not gotten any murderous comments yet?

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It’s almost as if the two families are taking their last chance to compete before they become one.

During the engagement ceremony, I was mostly pretty bored.

A side note on Indian trains – one of the best things about them is the communal aspect.

It might not be so great for someone who’s used to not talking to strangers on buses or who likes to remain completely silent for hours at a time on a plane, but in India, the train is a raucous, friendly place where the cardinal sin is being antisocial.

To Monica Paul, who did, in fact, leave India roughly a month after arriving but encourages me anyway.

I also would like to apologize to the large group of people whose emails, messages, or calls I have failed to return over these ten months.

To naps, which I never took in America but became so necessary here that I rarely go two days without one anymore.

To Lauren Groeger, Kate Gilbert, and Sam Ryckaert, without whom I would have left India roughly a month after arriving and with whom I have become far too close.

I’m actually surprised I still get any views whatsoever on this blog.

There’s only so many selfies and pictures of historical sites and scenery that anyone can view before getting bored, and when you combine that with my progressively less engaged prose, I’m frankly shocked that I don’t get more horrible comments telling me to stop inflicting myself on the eastern/western cannon.

My general idea is to make a post three months after I get home (right before I head to college) covering what it’s been like readjusting to America and what I miss about India and whatnot.

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