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Food safety officers working with anti-hunger organizations “must consequently spend considerable time and effort educating workers about the date labeling system, and those workers must in turn educate clients and end-users when they express concerns or uncertainty about the products they are receiving.” Each of us has a role to play in reducing food waste and its horrible impacts.

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“That is no guarantee of safety or quality,” he warns.

“The newer product could have been sitting on a loading dock for 10 hours.” According to a survey by the Food Marketing Institute, confusion about date labels leads nine out of 10 Americans to needlessly throw away food.

Dana Gunders, agriculture specialist at NRDC and one of the authors of the “Dating Game,” says: “Every entity around the world that has investigated food waste the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United Nations and NRDC in last year’s report have all highlighted reducing confusion around expiration dates as one of the key ‘low hanging fruit’ opportunities for reducing food waste.

So, we set off to seize that opportunity starting with this report.” While many people place a lot of confidence in food date labels, the labeling system is, in fact, an ad-hoc system with no oversight and little consistency.

The labels are not federally regulated and can vary from state to state.

Despite what most people think, the labels don’t communicate whether a product has spoiled.A 2001 study estimated that each year 0 million worth of inventory was removed from the supply chain due to date code expiration and identified the lack of standardization around date coding as one of the factors driving that loss.A survey of grocery store workers found that even some employees themselves do not distinguish between different kinds of dates.According toanother NRDC report published last year, 40 percent of all the food produced in the US never gets eaten.That translates to wasted natural resources, wasted money and wasted nutrition.There is no uniform criteria for any of those terms. Ted Labuza has been working on shelf life testing since the 1970s.

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