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This means singles are likely to take longer to find a life partner and delay marriage and childbearing, with national implications on marriage and birth rates.

These findings are disquieting, especially in a country that needs more children to replace its people and drive the economy, and where policies, housing or otherwise, are primarily geared towards families.

We need to learn our worth as individuals and set standards for what is acceptable to us in a potential relationship, not take anything we can get.

What our generation needs to learn when it comes to finding the perfect partner is that if something is wrong, don't just throw it away.

In order to have a serious and real relationship, we have to take it seriously and not just mess around.

Our generation has forgotten that small acts of kindness are a staple quality in any healthy relationship.

I have seen countless posts proclaiming "couple goals!!!!

" over acts that should be a given in any mutual, loving relationship.

Plus, it's hard to tell if someone likes you, if they're playing hard to get, or if they just don't like you — especially in the digital dating age.

Sometimes, the signs he's not that into you serious about your relationship, because it's not always easy to spot, especially because men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, and all that kind of stuff."First, it is important to realize that some guys just really suck at communication.

If you're willing to throw away what could be a special relationship for a small reason, then maybe you aren't ready for a serious relationship.

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