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Intraday repos that are not reversed at the end of the business day are carried into overnight borrowing.To access RTGS system functions, banks must connect to the SWIFT network to initiate/receive payment instructions, and access e MBT provided by HKICL for performing administrative functions to respective payment instructions.CHATS, like other RTGS systems, settles payment transactions on a "real time" and "gross" basis—payments are not subjected to any waiting period and each transaction is settled in a one-to-one manner such that it is not bunched with other transactions.

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Payments are final, irrevocable, and settled immediately if there is sufficient funds in the participant's settlement account with the clearing house.

Daylight overdraft is not offered in CHATS; payments that cannot be settled due to insufficient funds are queued.

In 2005, the value of Hong Kong dollar CHATS transactions averaged HK$467 billion per day, which amounted to a third of Hong Kong's annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP); the total value of transactions that year was 84 times the GDP of Hong Kong.

Prior to the launch of CHATS as a RTGS system, interbank settlements in Hong Kong relied on a multi-tier system which settled in a daily net basis. These 10 banks, in turn, settled with Hongkong Bank, which then settled with the HKMA in a one-to-one basis.

While some bots – like those focused on delivering news – have done well, others have needed a lot of work to offering a compelling experience.

But with the addition of webview and payments, something like Hipmunk’s forthcoming travel bot can do things like help travelers find and book airline tickets and hotels, as well as show itineraries right in the Messenger app.

Marcus was asked how far ahead of the bot platform launch Facebook gave developers the final details about what functionality would be offered. When asked if that was enough time to build a high-quality bot, he admitted “probably not”.

“It’s not easy,” said Marcus of rolling out a platform like Messenger’s bots. What we wanted to do at F8 is enable all the over 34,000 devs on the platform, whether they’re building capabilities for third-parties or actual experiences,” he said.

Along with the addition of the new capabilities, developers will also now be given more guidance from Facebook on how to build successful Messenger experiences, Marcus noted.

Google Chat was officially shut down on June 26, 2017.

To continue chatting and video calling, try Hangouts. Google Chat, the simple Google Talk chat experience in Gmail, launched in 2005.

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