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And some folks are skeptical that you will ever get back together. Are there any plans, any talks – Nicola Roberts: [Watch video above for answer.] Perez Hilton: There's all these reports about Nadine and none of the girls really talking to her. Nicola Roberts: Just last week, it was her birthday. Nicola Roberts: So she said that she was going to do a special dance to ″The Beat of my Drum″ in celebration. Like I don’t think she's done anything wrong or bad or that she should be ashamed of per say.

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Still don't know how you did it, or maybe it was the coffee Nicola Roberts, we gonna get your bongos for the next one."So, what does it mean?

Before then, her albums dropped pretty regularly; with the singer releasing four solo albums and one Girls Aloud reunion record between 20.

He often used knife and fire emojis to threaten her but also bombarded the singer with flower bouquets sent to her manager’s office.

Miss Roberts made a copy of every message before eventually contacting police when Davies began to threaten her close friend, singer Joel Compass.

So that was a very new experience in itself like going to different people and learning how they work.

And but yeah, it took me a little while for the sound to develop.‘It was only really last year when he started threatening my friend that I realised things couldn’t go on and I reported it to the police.’ Davies was handed a 15-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, after he admitted one count of stalking and another count of persistent use of public communication network to cause annoyance or inconvenience.He was also handed a lifetime restraining order against Miss Roberts and Mr Compass and warned to not go within 250 metres of the pair.Did you have a very specific sonic vision of what you wanted?Nicola Roberts: I had a — yes, I had some kind of musical goal that I knew I was going to get to, it was just really long and frustrating actually getting to it.Davies initially dated the star during her Girls Aloud heyday but the pair had an acrimonious split in 2008.

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