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During one of my happier moments I had posted a thread about the weight loss having reached 66lbs,and of course everyone was complimentary,everyone that is except one small person.

Naughty chatting sites-31

Naughty chatting sites

She was welcomed with open arms and quickly became friends with everyone in the group.

Everything was going just great until one day my Missy decided that she was going to be a little bold.

There is also a picture posing forum where you can talk about your favorite pictures.

Imagine being able to have custom shoots created of nubiles girls.

We offer zip files of the picture sets so you can quickly get all the images.

We produce so many new girls each month we know that you will come back for more. Our current goal is to add 3 new girls a week to the site, and that means that everyday you can expect to see new picture sets and video sets.

That said mind you, I wasn’t holding out much hope because Missy was barely active on the site,so if I got a little response at some point I would have been happy,it was a tester just to keep a toe in the water.

Well it turned out to be a very good thing because Missy became a little bit more active and with some persuasion,she joined our little SSC group even though she felt she was intruding.

Unfortunately that didn’t pan out quite so well because we were in different terminals and hers was backed up for miles,so after I checked in I went to search for this lady but it was too late,she had already left.

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